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Want an English teaching job?

If you passed your Goldstart CertTESOL course, contact us to use our TEFL job placement.

DO NOT contact us if you do not have a Goldstart CertTESOL certificate


Our job placement is worldwide, so where do you want to teach?


Your job placement is a lifetime service. It only stops when you want to stop using it.

Unlimited use

You can use our job placement as many times as you want, whenever you want.

Free forever

Your CertTESOL course includes job placement, so you never have to pay to use it.

Job placement step 1

Get trained and get the Goldstart CertTESOL.

Your first step is to take a Goldstart CertTESOL course.

English teaching jobs that pay well are hard to come by unless you have proper training.

Good schools will not hire people who do not have an accredited TESOL or TEFL certificate.

You will beat the competition because you will have a dual award accredited TESOL and TEFL certificate so you can apply for any TESOL and TEFL job.

Job placement step 2

Collect your Goldstart CertTESOL when you pass.

The Goldstart CertTESOL course is rigorous and demanding. However, when you pass, not only will you get an accredited, dual award TESOL and TEFL certificate, you’ll also have an incredible feeling of satisfaction and achievement.

Your CertTESOL opens doors to living your dreams abroad. Our mission is to help you get English teaching jobs and get started on a successful TEFL career.

Job placement step 3

Where do you want to work? Goldstart helps you anytime and anywhere.

When you get your Goldstart CertTESOL, you probably want to start looking for a job, so contact us when you graduate.

Quickly get English teaching jobs through the Goldstart TEFL exclusive, pro-active, lifetime, worldwide job programme.

Contact us when you graduate, and we will send you instructions to set up your Goldstart TEFL Job Placement account. When you have your account, let us know where you would like to teach. When we receive your locations, Goldstart TEFL sends your professionally formatted CV and a PERSONALISED introduction to the best language schools in your area.

You don’t need to look for work. Language schools should email or phone you to ask you to come and interview.

Based on demand, schools contact you directly to set up an interview.

Passing the interview and accepting the job is up to you; these are the only things that Goldstart TEFL cannot do for you.

Goldstart TEFL job placement is exclusive

The Goldstart TEFL job programme is exclusively for Goldstart TEFL graduates.

Our worldwide, lifetime job programme has been very effective since we started.

Our job programme is ONLY for our Goldstart TEFL course graduates. If you are not a graduate of Goldstart TEFL, please do not ask us to find you an English teaching job.

There are lots of English teaching jobs but getting the right connections is not easy. If you want to teach English abroad, join Goldstart TEFL and use our job programme. Would you like us to help you get a job teaching English abroad? Would you prefer to get your CV delivered directly to hiring managers’ desks? If you choose to do it yourself, we’ll help, but why bother? We get your CV/resume sent directly to hiring managers’ desks along with a professional letter of introduction.

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