How Goldstart TEFL began

Goldstart TEFL

The story of how we began

A common question we get is how Goldstart TEFL began? Goldstart TEFL was born in 2020 because we listen to what people tell us they want from an affordable, quality, accredited TESOL and TEFL course.

Please keep reading to learn more about what we heard, our reactions, how Goldstart TEFL began, and how we show people how to mobilise their teaching power and empower people for a brighter future.

Nov 2019

The beginning

The Trinity College CertTESOL name is synonymous with excellence, prestige, and worldwide recognition. On the EBC website, the 4-week Online EBC Trinity College CertTESOL certificate course price is 1,290 Euros.

What connects Goldstart TEFL with EBC and the EBC Trinity College CertTESOL course? Please keep reading.

People told us at EBC that they would love to take the Trinity CertTESOL course but could not afford the 1,290 Euro price tag. So this challenge went to the top of our to-do list.

We knew that there must be a way to give back something to society and create an affordable solution. We needed a solution to help people who want to become EFL and ESL teachers but may be limited in their choice. Personal limitations could be their economic situation, or they are unsure whether English teaching is their vocation.

To help people, we needed quality material, a proven course structure and an affordable delivery method.

What better place to start than modelling our TEFL courses on EBC’s (our parent company) existing Trinity CertTESOL material and course structure. So that is exactly what we did.

We took the EBC content and created a new course that can:

  1. mobilise an individual’s teaching power
  2. convert dreams of being an English teacher into action
  3. show people how to be world English teaching ambassadors
  4. promote global English teaching skills
  5. transform people for a better world
  6. empower people for a brighter future
  7. keep everything practical and affordable

But what, how, when? There were so many extraordinary challenges to consider. Christmas was approaching, so we took a break to enjoy some family and friends time, recharge our batteries and think hard about what we could do to make this dream a reality.

Jan-Sep 2020

Brainstorming and development

We started the year well-rested, with clearer heads, batteries recharged, and ready for the task ahead. After a good intake of hot chocolate and “churros” on a cold winter morning, we all accepted the idea!

We knew that we could develop a quality course at a more affordable price that followed the Trinity CertTESOL delivery model. In addition, we had a combined total of more than 140 years of experience and knowledge between the trainers and management.

First came the brainstorming. Next came the course design, structure, framework, and curriculum. It took nine months to build this exciting course, and we decided to call it the Goldstart CertTESOL. We chose to run it on the state-of-the-art Moodle learning management system. Around this time, the COVID pandemic hit the world, and we had to work from home. We adjusted to remote working and continued working on the Goldstart CertTESOL course. At the same time, we carried on with our roles as Trinity College CertTESOL trainers running our 4-week Online CertTESOL courses.

Oct-Dec 2020

Challenging decisions

We were almost there, ready to launch our Goldstart CertTESOL course! However, we were at a crossroads. The price! How can we give the most affordable price possible and maintain our high standards? Our goal was to be able to empower people to teach. To do this, they need a gold-standard, top-quality course, similar to the EBC Trinity College CertTESOL. Through the power of automation and the latest online learning management techniques, we discovered that we could offer the Goldstart CertTESOL starting from 155 Euros.

Jan 2021

Almost ready

All done and ready to launch! We have been on a very emotional journey. We gave our after-work hours and some weekends to ensure we met our launch deadline. It was hard work, but the outcome is something we are proud of.

We reached our goal. We made a gold-standard course patterned after the EBC Trinity College CertTESOL course. Our Trinity College approved CertTESOL trainers and assessors all look forward to the success of our Goldstart CertTESOL trainees.

Feb 2021

Goldstart TEFL is launched

The advertising and marketing of the Goldstart CertTESOL course have started. Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter? After many ups and downs, we all decided that the marketing and advertising of Goldstart TEFL would keep a relentless focus on delivering a reliable, frictionless and gimmick-free user experience.

We have done what we said we would do. We have reached our goal, and we feel we are giving something back to society in our small way. And that, my friends, is a great feeling.

March 2021

We are live and training

We are happy to say that the Goldstart CertTESOL has been launched and empowers people for a brighter future.

Watch this space for more, because the story doesn’t end here, it is the beginning of a new story.

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