Affordable accredited TEFL certification

Affordable, accredited TEFL certification

Goldstart TEFL is a brand new approach to giving you affordable accredited TEFL certification because we know that the world has changed.

We set ourselves five critical challenges:

  1. Make an affordable accredited, dual award TESOL and TEFL certificate course.
  2. Ensure our TESOL and TEFL accreditation is high-quality.
  3. Make the course easy to use.
  4. Help you get a teaching job.
  5. Continue giving you job placement help for as long as you want.

Keep reading, visit our help desk for more information or take our free course preview to check our quality.

An affordable online TEFL certification course

We know that the world has changed over the last year. We understand that not everyone can or wants to pay a lot of money for a TEFL course. So we set out to make a budget-friendly, no regrets priced TESOL and TEFL certification course.

We dug deep into our experience and expertise. We decided that we have enough knowledge about becoming an excellent TESOL and TEFL trained teacher, and we have the technical skills to create an affordable TEFL course.

Using our know-how and experience, we have made the Goldstart TEFL CertTESOL and CertTESOL Plus as affordable and high-quality as we can.

High-quality dual TESOL & TEFL certification

Our Goldstart CertTESOL courses are made by Trinity CertTESOL trainers and accredited by ITEFLAC.

For these reasons, our course content is excellent.

An easy to use TEFL course

  1. Our Goldstart CertTESOL courses run in Moodle, possibly the best training technology platform in the world.
  2. You get access to the course through our website, and everything you need is there.
  3. When you complete the course, we email you your certificate, you can download it, and if you want, you can order a printed hard copy from us.
  4. Your Goldstart CerTESOL has a unique code allowing all schools to check that you have an authentic Goldstart CertTESOL certificate.

Helping you get a teaching job

The Goldstart Advanced Certificate in TESOL and TEFL course includes a FREE lifetime, worldwide job service. If you’d like to know more, check out the jobs section on our help desk. Goldstart TEFL makes you attractive to schools because you get a dual award accredited TESOL and TEFL certificate.

What is in the Goldstart CertTESOL course?

You get the following:

  1. A 160-hour, Goldstart CertTESOL online learning, dual award TESOL and TEFL course
  2. A 200-hour, Goldstart CertTESOL Plus hybrid (blended learning) dual award TESOL and TEFL course PLUS trainer assessed assignments and support
  3. A downloadable copy of your Goldstart dual award certificate in TESOL and TEFL
  4. The Goldstart TEFL FREE lifetime, worldwide job placement service
  5. Instruction about how to use ZOOM as an online classroom
  6. A job seminar on how to get an English teaching job and how to pass an English teaching job interview
  7. A list of English teaching reference books
  8. Links to high-quality internet English teaching resources
  9. Ready to use classroom handouts and audio files
  10. Lesson planning templates
  11. Ready to use lesson plans for beginner, intermediate and advanced level learners
  12. Observation of English teachers in action on video
accredited CertTESOL Plus certification

CertTESOL Plus

Accredited TESOL and TEFL dual award English teacher training including worldwide, lifetime job placement. A 200-hour self-study TEFL certificate course with trainer assessed assignments and support.

A TEFL course for those with no teaching experience.

accredited CertTESOL certification


Accredited TESOL and TEFL dual award English teacher training including worldwide, lifetime job placement. A 160-hour self-study TEFL certificate course.

A TEFL course for those with teaching experience in another education field.

free worldwide English teaching jobs service

Worldwide Jobs

As a qualified English teacher, you become a Language Awareness Ambassador, so the only question is ...

Where do you want to teach?

When you graduate, use our worldwide job placement service to help you find a job. You get unlimited access to this service.

accredited TESOL certification


Internationally recognised ITEFLAC accreditation. A US and UK registered accreditation authority. Listed in the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP).

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